Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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23-Feb-2024 Josephine Botta (Spokane, Washington United States of America)
I'm doing Natatorium Park for a school project topic and it's so much fun seeing all of the old postcards,magazines,and SONGS?? My teacher is also currently praising me for picking Nat Park as my topic! So that is a PLUS!

07-Apr-2020 Brandon Anderson (Orlando, Florida United States)
Resident of Coeur d'Alene for from 2007 to 2015 and lifelong coaster enthusiast here. Have had a interest to learn more about Nat Park since moving to the Pacific Northwest from Southern California in 2007. Not much info past this website, and thankfully it's quite informative! Thank you for assembling the information on this site for all to read.

19-Oct-2019 CASF (Renton, WA United States)
Thanks for your fun website. I was able to identify photos my grandparents took in 1928, while traveling to Spokane of the Jack Rabbit and Custers Speedway. Cheers!

14-Feb-2019 Diane Mott-Peterson (Lake Havasu City, AZ US)
I am the oldest of 4. At least once a month in the late 50's Mom would give us all $1 (BIG deal) and bus fare to spend a Saturday at THE Nat. We probably brought our lunches, don't remember unimportant details like that. LOL! Was the most favorite memory of growing-up in Spokane!

08-Oct-2018 Chris Sniokas (Spokane, WA USA)
Remember NAT Pak from childhood. Thought ride was longer, but still great. Hated it when it was demolished in '68. Even mad at step-fathers company for being part of it. Wish it was still here for future generations. Glad the horses survived but also hated expo when it came.

05-Aug-2018 Don Jones (Seattle, WA United States)
I grew up in Spokane in the 1950's and 60's. My mother loved roller coasters and would buy a string of 20 tickets and we would go around 10 times. When we got to the end she would peel off two more tickets and we would go around again. What great fun!!

03-Jul-2018 Kyall McGee (Roseburg, Oregon U.S.)
It was like Disneyland times 1000 to a poor kid from a big family. I only remember getting to go there once and I was very sad when it closed down, thinking that I'd never get to go there again. Looking at some of the photos brings back vague but happy memories of what it looked like. thank you

20-Jun-2018 Michael Osterhaus (Spokane, Washington United States)
Wasn't born then but heard about Nat. Would be fun if they recycled the rides and reinvented the park once in a while

16-Jun-2018 Bob Thieman (Hayward, Ca USA)
I was lucky to spend part of the summer,1957, in Spokane with an Aunt & Uncle. They lived in a beautifull house, now gone, @ 17 W Knox. We did spend 3 days at Nat Park. The coaster & merry go round were a blast! I also saw the circus while there.

15-May-2018 FRANK C. SEIDL (HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO United States)
What an incredible web-site! Thanks for the memories and for the privilege of growing up in the Spokane community. It's still a GREAT city.

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