Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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25-Apr-2010 Joanne Roach (spokane, wa usa)
I am so glad to see this website. I loved Nat Park and spent a lot of time there as a kid. I am so sorry we don't have something like it in Spokane now.

17-Apr-2010 Kay Divine (West Richland, WA USA)
Very nice job on the reconstruction of this fun Park. Wish I could have come to it. I found your site while researching info to solve a Puzzle Geocache.

14-Apr-2010 Kimmee (Spokane, WA USA)
I love your website =) Thanks for keeping Spokane's memories alive!

17-Mar-2010 Harley (Spokane Valley, WA. USA)
That was a great ride. I rode on the Jack Rabbit many times when I was a kid, and a trip to Nat Park was definitely the highlight of a summer. I also liked riding the bumper cars because it was a long ride, there was a large area, and it was only a dime. My 8th grade class had a picnic at Nat Park and that was a blast. One time I went there and they were having a special price day. The ride tickets were 20 for a dollar. That was great. This virtual ride is very cool !

18-Feb-2010 Cheri (Lewis) Folk (Portland, OR USA)
Nat Park was a place I remember so fondly. My friends from Sacajawea Jr. High & Ferris would head from the South hill over to the park and we spent most of the day laughing while riding the bumper cars and wooden roller coaster. When I'd go with my family; my dad was a great sport and rode the Octopus with me repeatedly/numerous times! My younger brother, Jack, convinced me to go on the rocket once--ha! Never got me to do that ride again! And my favorite ride was the Carousel. I'd find the most colorful horse, on the outside of course, and capturing that beautiful gold ring which got you a 2nd ride.
It's too bad that kids today never got the opportunity to experience Nat Park!

11-Feb-2010 Dave Pierce (Tacoma, Washington USA)
I was born in Spokane in 1955. I recall many great memories at Nat Park with my brothers and friends. I remember purchasing fish to throw to the seals with my dad. The place was magical at night, especially for a ten year old kid. I can still smell the corn dogs. How about buying out the trailer park and taking the park back? I can't believe they shut it down.

01-Feb-2010 A.H (Washington)
My Great-Grandmother rode this on her first date with her (future) husband. Awesome you were able to re-create this!

30-Jan-2010 Art Zerbach (Gresham, OR)
I was born in Spokane and enjoyed Nat Park during the forties and fifties. My favorites were the roller coaster, bumper cars and, of course, the merry-go-round as we called it then. I loved leaning over from a horse to grap the gold ring for a free ride.There was a scary ride where a cart would go into a dark tunnel and ghosts etc would jump out. As I grew older I would go to the auditorium to dance to famous big bands. Nat will always be in my heart.

16-Jan-2010 Jim Mackey (Prosser, Wa.)
Growing up in Spokane was a treat in it's self, but to go to Nat Park was the best! The Spokane school district Saftey Program supported by Triple A insurance used to have a day in the spring at Nat Park for all crossing guards and Kaizer Aluminum would hold their company picnics there.

09-Jan-2010 stacy dunn (spokane, wa usa)
I Really enjoyed learning about this park! I have lived here for 20 years & never knew of this park until 2 days ago, when my husband & I saw a show about it on ksps! Im sorry that my children & I will never experience Nat Park! I know we would have loved it!! What a sad ending

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