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08-Jul-2013 John Preston (Spokane, WA USA)
Thank you for the great website and fond memories! The virtual Jack Rabbit ride is's just as I remember it. I was fortunate enough to work at Nat Park in 1960 & 1961. It was by far the very best and most fun job I had my entire life.

01-Jul-2013 Judy Naccarato Graham (Wichita, KS USA)
So enjoyed your website. Many happy memories of time spent at Nat Park. We still enjoy our old home movies of many good times spent there as kids.
The virtual ride on the roller coaster was so much fun-I can remember every fall and turn. I particularly remember going into the arcade that was at the beginning of the park and being amazed at all the different arcade machines contained within. Thanks for a great look back!

30-Jun-2013 ron allen (stockton, california usa)
Can remember all the rides. Used to go to my grandmother's house on Boone Ave. and walk down to the park to ride the rides and feed the seals and go thru the spook house. Also had many family picnics there and lots of memories.

27-May-2013 Greg Hendrick (Wenatchee, WA Chelan)
I grew up in Omak in the 50's so a trip to Spokane was a big deal. But a trip to Nat Park was the BIGGEST deal. What great memories of Mom, Dad, my older brother and I enjoying the Park. We loved the sights, rides, food...everything! Thanks so much for creating this website!

28-Apr-2013 Marjie Premovich (Tucson, AZ USA)
I loved going to ,'Nat Park 'when I lived in Spokane!

16-Apr-2013 Gerald Creech (Spokane, WA USA)
I was born in Spokane in 1951, moved to Coulee Dam in 1955 and off to So. Cal in 1956. We returned to Spokane nearly every year as a kid. I stayed many summers with aunt & uncle (Clumpner) in Otis Orchards.

If I was very good I got a day at the NAT before going back to San Diego in August. I loved the Jack Rabbit and throwing rings at the clown head from the carrousel. I lived for a few months in Millwood in 1981 and moved back to Spokane for retirement (and doctors) in 2010. I left Amtrak for medical reasons in 2003. I made my final Conductor's run Dec. 15, 2002 taking the Empire Builder from Spokane to Everett. Due to a slide south of Everett we bussed passengers to Edmonds & Seattle.

05-Apr-2013 Kathi (Finney) Sadlier (BayTree, Alberta Canada)
Spent many wonderful hours at the park with family. Many happy memories.

02-Apr-2013 Vicki McBride (Spokane, WA USA)
Am using parts of your wonderful history on this website for a local radio program from the Nostalgia section. Program airs at 10 a.m. every other Sunday morning on KYRS fresh Aire radio...88.8 and 92.3FM. Thanks for all the great information.

21-Mar-2013 Tola Nelson (Lethbridge, Alberta Canada)
When I was a kid, my parents would take the occasional weekend trip to Coeur d'Alene and Spokane. A big part of every trip was a visit to Nat Park. I lived for the Carrousel. I still have a little stuffed animal that I got at the park (50 years ago). Thanks for the memories.

17-Mar-2013 David W Jessup (Seattle, Washington USA)
If you aren't old enough to have ridden the Dragon Slide at the Nat, you have missed one of the most fascinating features of the park. After walking into the park past the Custer Speedway and the Jack Rabbit, My parents and I turned to our right. Just ahead and on the left I saw a great facade of a dragon that looked to me, as an eight year old child, to be at least three stories high.

People were climbing up stairs and a ramp on the near side of the facade. The dragon's wings, eyes and wide open mouth faced the street. People were flying out of the dragon's throat, over its raised tongue and landing on a huge heavy pad placed below the dragons shiny front fangs.

After prying a nickel out of my parents and presenting it to the girl at the cashier's cage, I walked up a frequently bending stair case and some ramps.
At the top I saw the mouth of two, closely joined, highly polished wooden slides. An attendant demanded I select either a large canvas rectangle to wrap around myself or a fiber mat about three sizes larger than a door mat. I selected and seated myself on the fiber mat at the top of the slide. I was unceremoniously given a shove.

The high sided, "U" shaped cross section of the two adjacent slides allowed riders to speed around the curves - now in the dark interior of the dragon - without popping over the edges. As I emerged from the throat of the dragon I was propelled over the tongue and sprawled onto the large mat at the mouth of the slide. Someone in the adjoining slide landed shortly thereafter. I could hardly wait until I could talk my parents out of another nickel.
David W. Jessup

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