Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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29-May-2012 Dianne Blaisdell (Spokane, wa usa)
I remember watching 4th of July fireworks from the hill, also Kaiser Aluminum employee picnic in the 1950s. Wasn't comfortable on the rides but loved the bumper cars, fun house and cotton candy.

25-May-2012 Julie Sly Mewes (spokane valley, wa)
In the early 1920's I attended the park and took my children until the park closed. Now I am almost 91 and going to ride the carousel with four generations.

24-May-2012 Amethyst (Kenova, WV USA)
Very similar to a very old wooden coaster called The Big Dipper at a small amusement park near me...Camden Park. It may even be identical. Very fun to visit this. The Big Dipper is still in existence and running daily through the summer!

20-Apr-2012 John Jacobson (Porter Ranch, CA USA)
What a great place to visit as a kid, growing up in Spokane. Most vivid memory was a pie eating contest sponsored by the Spokesmans-Review or the Chronicle (I worked for both as a paper boy)circa Summer 1957. Been in So. CA since 1961 and still miss those Spokane summers. (Winters... not so much!)

17-Mar-2012 Keith Randles (Post Falls, Idaho USA)
I worked at Nat Park summers of 1960,61 and 62. I worked as a night watchman on one off season. A fun place to work.

05-Dec-2011 Ron Lawson (Marysville, Wa. Snoh.)
Played and worked here. Ran the fun house, cars, Merry Go Round, many happy days

12-Nov-2011 Karen (Marietta, GA USA)
Wow! What wonderful memories this brought back! Nat Park was a place we visited often when I was growing up. I remember my dad and I would run to ride the Jack Rabbit, as it was our favorite. (The virtual ride was awesome--exactly as I remember). Then the carousel, which we rode and rode. When it was relocated to Riverfront, I took my kids there and told them of Nat Park. Thank you so much for the website and the memories....

08-Nov-2011 Suzanne McHone-Stevens (Lewiston, ID US)
My mom had great memories of coming to Nat Park from Orofino.

22-Oct-2011 Rob K (Olympia, WA US)
I grew up in the 60's on Sherwood Street, which was just off the top of the hill going down to Nat Park (an absolutely great hill for sledding on in the winter, btw), and spent a lot of time there. I have two main memories.

The first was the 4th of July's. Cars would start parking along our street as early as 2:00 in the afternoon, in order to secure a good viewing spot for the fireworks later in the evening. One year, someone actually pulled in and parked in our driveway, so in subsequent years we had to put garbage cans out to block our driveway.

I also had a Spokesman-Review paper route that included Evergreen Street, which was down the hill and just off the park. Back in those days the paper boy had to go house-to-house "collecting" to get the money. It seemed like every time I went collecting down there I'd stop by the arcade at Nat Park and put my collected quarters into the pinball machines before trudging back up the hill.

06-Oct-2011 N. Roberson (San Jose, Ca U.S.)
Thanks for this site.I remember being 12yrs old and going to Nat park with neighborhood friends. Sounds of Sarah Vaughan's 'Broken Hearted Melody', Johnny Horton's "The Battle of New Orleans" and many other songs. Nat park had an awesome sound system. The memories are great. Thanks Again.

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