Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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25-Jun-2011 Mary McAdam (Nine Mile Falls, Washington United States)
We went to Nat Park every summer. The seals were by far the best part, the Jack Rabbit was a close second. Driving bumper cars was a very first experience behind the wheel. We always had fun and were never disappointed!

03-Jun-2011 Donna O'Brien (Airway Heights, WA United States)
I grew up in the Spokane Valley, and I remember going to Nat Park in the summer when Dad worked for Kaiser. Free day was always fun, but the most fun I had was "The Jack Rabbit". It was my absolute favorite ride.

03-Jun-2011 darrell hoerner (spokane, washington)
Had a great time riding all the rides every Saturday night with my older brother and other family members.

20-May-2011 C.J.c (Seattle, WA USA)
We saved our change in the 60s for free Kaiser Day...sunburns, cotton candy, ice-cream, rides...all free! Not sure what happened to the change...some kind of machine! Favorite memories: funny (mirror) house, bumper cars & flying butterflies!

21-Apr-2011 John Schoen (Spokane Valley, WA USA)
Some of my best childhood memories are of Nat Park. My Grandparents took me there on multiple occasions. It was a sad day in our household when it closed.

09-Apr-2011 gene ward (spokane, washington usa)
My grandparents met at Nat Park when it was young and later got married .

16-Mar-2011 Jerry Gould (Seattle)
I lived near the park in 1944-1945 and frequented there many times in the following 23 years. I liked the Jack Rabbit best followed by the merry-go-round. I'm gratful that interest remains in Spokane in the upkeep of the merry-go-round.

06-Mar-2011 Patricia Routson Faunce (Cumby, Texas USA)
My family used to go on Sunday drives after church in the 50's. Nat Park was our frequent destination where we would bring a fried chicken picnic. We would visit the seals, ride the merry go-round and more! I was 4 through 6 yrs old at the time. I will never forget it! I have a few photos of us eating at the park. Wonderful memories of pure fun and relaxation!

01-Mar-2011 Ryan Rojeski (Nine Mile Falls, Washington United States of America)
Cool stuff, too bad I was born in the 90's or else I would have had some fun. I'd be the kid hanging out at the park with a season pass all summer

28-Feb-2011 Scott Boogaard (Rockford, MI 49341 USA)
I used to visit the park in 1961 and 1962. I was stationed At Fairchild AFB during this time.

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