Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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22-Nov-2005 Mark Wibe (Ellensburg, Washington)
In May 1943 a music group called the Teagarden Orchestra performed at Natatorium Park. I learned this when I was going through letters written by the wife of one of the orchestra's members, Bob Redwine. She was an aunt of my mother, and I was interested to see that my family had a brief but vivid connection with the now-vanished Natatorium Park.

04-Nov-2005 Rheanna (SPOKANE, WASHINGTON USA)
I'm glad you have created this site. It keeps a small light on for Nat Park!

04-Aug-2005 Janet Sundberg (McMillan) (SPOKANE, WA, WA USA)
I love the site, brings back many fond memories, we used to go there when we juniors & seniors in high school, 1961 & 1962, it was such a fun place, was sad to see it close.

30-May-2005 Ron Miller (Austin, Texas)
It was interesting looking at this web site. I was a ride operator at the Nat from 1965 through 1967. Operated the train, Fun House, Shooting Gallery, Bumper Cars, and mostly on the Octopus. Some good memories for summertime work. The Oliver's were good people to work for.

19-Mar-2005 Don Largent (Spokane)
The photo of the Train brings back great memories of fun times at Nat Park. I always enjoyed those rides on the train.

25-Feb-2005 Jayne & Chuck (Opportunity, WA USA)
We are so happy that you have created this website. The Valley Museum has one of the rockets from Nat Park as well as the miniature train engine on display with other artifacts from Nat Park. Good job!

23-Feb-2005 Phil Slusser (Kennewick, WAshington USA)
As an old retired "Ring Boy" I have many memories of Nat Park.I will dig through my photo book and send you what I have.

21-Feb-2005 Gary Nance (Spokane Valley, Washington USA)
Welcome to, a website devoted to the memory of Spokane's Natatorium Park.

If you have memories of The Nat that you'd like to make available to the rest of us, please take a minute to post them in our guestbook.

And if you have pictures or you know someone else who does, please send mail to Gary. I'd love to see what you have!

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