Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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16-Jan-2007 S.L.P. (Spokane, Washington United States)
I was just researching about Natatorium Park for a paper I'm writing for my sophmore Lang. class. Not until just the other day had I heard anything about Nat Park. I was looking at your website and found many intresting facts. It's really neat to think that Spokane actually had a real amusement park.

13-Jan-2007 Barbara P. (Spokane Valley, Washington USA)
My teacher is having us write an essay about the park. I wish they would have never cloased the park.

01-Jan-2007 Kelsie, Laura, E-Beth (Spokane, Washington America)
Our favorite teacher went to Nat park when she was little. We also have learned about Nat park. We know its a trailer park now.

20-Sep-2006 J Brownlee (Spokane, WA)
My grandfather told us that he was "kicked out" of Nat Park for indecency; he was wearing a topless bathing suit! This was probably around 1915-1917. There is also a story about him (or maybe his brother) winning a prize for walking across the swimming area on a cable, like a high-wire act. This could be a tall tale, who knows?

I have vague memories of the fun house (amazement), the Jack Rabbit (fear!) and the carrousel (pure joy) from the late 50's.

19-Sep-2006 Mike Stuart (Seattle)
Gary, this is a great website. I loved the Nuthouse, the rollercoaster, the merry-go-round and trying to get the gold ring, the zoo and the rocket ride. Great photos. I now have a granddaughter who I will have to take to Riverfront to ride the merry-go-round.

27-Jul-2006 V. McBride (Spokane, WA USA)
What a great website! As a person growing up in Spokane, I remember going to Nat Park many times and it was always a magical place. The roller coaster, the Fun House, carrousel and loads of cotton candy and trying for the brass ring. The only thing that made me nauseous was the Rocket Ride!!!

26-Jul-2006 B. J. King (Spokane, Wa.)
My Husband Chuck and i own one of the rocket rides from the park. Glad to see this web site.

24-Jul-2006 Marjee Foster (Spokane, WA United States of America)
My Mother was fortunate enough to enjoy the later years of Natatorium Park. I feel like I missed out on a great part of Spokane's history.

11-Jul-2006 Pat Walls (Flower Mound, TX USA)
Nice memories. The last time I was at Nat was for the Senior Class Picnic of West Valley High School in 1956..Thanks to those who developed and sponsor this site

06-Jul-2006 Kathy Tesch (Electric City, WA USA)
I visited my Aunt and Uncle in Spokane for two weeks every summer as a child and we always made a visit to Nat Park. I loved the carrousel the most and the coaster was the scariest. Do you have an ariel view of the park. I can't quite picture where the park was and I was too small to have paid attention where we were driving.

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