Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

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05-May-2018 Darrell Bengson (Nashville, Tennessee USA)
Remember all the fun times in the 1950's and 1960's at Natatorium Park. I lived near Garland School and our parents would drop us off for a fun day at the Natatorium Park. Thanks Gary for helping me relive a nice memory.

28-Mar-2018 james king (Wilmington, Ohio)
I grew up in Spokane going to Nat park. when I lived on north Hamilton across from Logon school. I loved going there with mom,Dad and sisters and brother.. Ridding the rides.. I went in to the army in 1966 from Tacoma Washington after doing 2 years in job corps.. I return from Viet Nam after my first tour and went back to Spokane sometime in 1968, only to find out that the park was closing. Yes so sad that i was not able to relive the great time as a child growing up in Spokane..

25-Aug-2017 Tifeni Whittington (COLBERT, WASHINGTON)
This was truly fascinating. I only wish it were still here, even for historical interest. Thank you for providing this site.

18-May-2017 connie (fairview hgts, il usa)
I lived near Spokane as a child and my grandfather would always take my sister and I to the park and we would ride the jack rabbit. What fun it was!

We did this every summer in the 1960's We also would ride the merry go round and catch a brass ring.

17-May-2017 Rickilyn Schneide (Happy Valley, Oregon USA)
My mom was the manager at the Nat when I was in high school. Sky King visited there. Mr. Vogel was a kind man to the folks who visited the park and some of my high school friends worked there. This was in the early 60's. I have wonderful memories of the park and all it meant to kids in Spokane. Thank you for this page.

01-May-2017 Duane (Spokane, WA USA)
I visited only a couple of times in early 1960's. I seem to remember seals or sealions in a cement aquarium. You could buy food for them in a vending device.

22-Nov-2016 Alan J. Zerba (Pednleton, OR USA)
I would like to thank you for keeping the memory of Natatorium Park alive. I used to live in Coeur'd'Alene, Idaho. I have fond memories of the park from when I was a teenager. Even though we had Playland Pier in CDA Nat Park was the King of the region.

02-Aug-2016 Mona Leeson Vanek (Spokane Valley, Washington United States)
I have vivid memories of my childhood visits to Natatorium Park, especially the times when the Tillicums provided a strip of tickets to youngsters, who only had to pay the tax to use them. My brother and I delivered newspapers, so we always made sure we had cash to buy tickets from those who couldn't use theirs because they didn't have cash to pay the tax! I wish I could recall the exact years and would appreciate hearing from anyone who could enlighten me., or ph: 509 926 4051

02-Aug-2016 joy luck (spokane, Washington spoane)
The Nat has been in my family for generations: My parents danced to the big bands there; i got to go there as a 7th grader from Davenport for being a good school student (?); and now I live there in the most beautiful setting in San Souci gated community... unbelievable!! I feel blessed.

05-Jul-2016 Kim Bailey (Spokane, WA USA)
Once a year my dad's company would host a Nat Park Day for employees and families, the only time our large Catholic family could afford to attend. Our little kids would ride the carousel trying to snatch a golden ring (see ring in memorabilia picture: it meant a free ride, it meant that you were big and strong enough to reach for it without falling off your horse, and it meant great luck) and the bumper cars. My older brothers would ride the monstrosity known as the wooden roller coaster. It never looked safe, but they loved it. Unbeknownst to us, we actually lived only blocks from Nat Park, so on the day each year we could go, my father would drive a circuitous route to the park. He did not want my brothers to discover just how close we were to the Park, or they would surely sneak off and find a way in. I remember vast areas of green and walkways with small carnival type rides, including a small train.

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