Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

Ye Olde Mill

This 1905 ride was Nat's closest ride to a tunnel of love. Riders were taken past scenery of varying types as they rode on this indoor boat ride.

The canal for the Ye Olde Mill ride was 825 feet long, and riders would pass by a number of scenes, which were updated from year to year. Over the years, the scenes included an Inferno, a Japanese Flower Garden, pastoral scenes, an Indian camp, a Southern Cotton Field. the Rock of Ages, Niagara Falla, Eskimos in the Frozen North, Fish in an underwater garden, a Farm Yard and the Great Wall of China.

In the heart of the cavern was a hall, where a small orchestra played each day the park was open.

Life-like menagerie animals were included in the scenery. These animals were made of plaster and imported from Paris. The animals growled, shook their heads and moved, and appeared very life-like when viewed in the darkness of the ride.

Ye Olde Mill burned in June, 1918, and was torn down a week later. The Whip was put up in its place.

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