Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

The Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit was a wooden roller coaster that was installed around 1920, and remained as one of the park's favorite attractions until its closure in 1967.

The Jack Rabbit In 1931
The Jack Rabbit, as pictured on the cover of the
March, 1931 issue of Amusement Park Management Magazine.
Photo courtesy of Periodyssey

The Jack Rabbit was built in the locations of The Scenic Railway (also known as the Figure 8) and the Olde Mill. The Scenic Railway, a roller coaster ride which achieved only about 10mph, was built in 1905 and was removed around 1919 to make way for the Jack Rabbit. The Olde Mill burned in 1918 and was never rebuilt.

The Jack Rabbit was built in a figure 8 layout approximately 475 feet long and 75 feet wide not counting the loading platform, and probably had about 2000 feet of track. It was boasted that this coaster reached a speed of 70 mph and was the fastest coaster in existence, though there was no basis to either claim.

The only fatality recorded at Nat Park during its years of operation occurred on the Jack Rabbit. A new employee was walking the tracks when the ride was activated, and he was struck by the oncoming train.

The Jack Rabbit met an unceremonious fate in 1968 when it was dismantled and burned on the same site where it had given thrills to so many people during its 45 years of operation.

For a virtual ride on the Jack Rabbit, Click Here.

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