Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

Johnny Achziger's Color Photos

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Courtesy: Robert G. Achziger
Around 1960

Visible in this picture from left to right are:
  • Children's Trolley Car Ride (the track is visible in the foreground)
  • Rocket Ship (Angled cables and one ship are visible in front of the Rock-O-Plane)
  • Rock-O-Plane
  • 1909 Looff carousel building
  • Roll-O-Plane in front of the carousel building
  • Bumper Car Building (The bumper cars were built by Lusse Autoscooters
  • Octopus
  • The Cafe
The "Iron Rides" (Rock-O-Plane, Rolo-O-Plane and Octopus) were built by Eyerly Aircraft in Salem, Oregon.

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