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Here is a picture of the Steinway 7' Concert Grand Piano that was at Nat Park. My Dad, Keith Squires owned Squires Music at the top of the North Division Hill and ran that company for 20 years.

He was a gifted musician and taught endless people to play the piano and organ. He is turning 97 this month but I remember him talking about buying this piano and where it came from. I wasn't aware that Nat Park was such a huge thing in it's day as it was gone when I was growing up. What an amazing place though.

This piano is absolutely gorgeous. It has very intricately carved legs that I've never seen and that my Dad had never seen and he has seen a lot of Steinway pianos as he was the Steinway dealer in the northwest. I'm guessing that they were custom built when the piano was ordered.

Having 5 children that have all taken lessons, the piano still gets played every day. It will be interesting to see if anyone remembers the piano being there or has any stories of it. There is a cigarette burn on the top that my Dad said that someone famous did at a concert when he crushed out his cigarette on the piano.

If you have memories of this piano or the people who played it, be sure to sign our guest book or send mail to let us know!

Photo courtesy of Rick Squires

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