Natatorium Park, Spokane, WA

The Circle Swing

The circle swing dates back to 1907 when its original plans were drawn. The ride featured a 90-foot tall tower structure in the middle from which a set of swings was suspended. When the ride was activated, the swings picked up speed and swung around away from the tower and over the top of the patrons waiting in line.

As the years went by, the ride was modernized by replacing the swings with biplanes, and eventually the biplanes were replaced with stainless steel rocket ships.

Circle Swing Rocket
One of the stainless steel rocket ships from the Circle Swing
This picture was taken in 2005 while the rocket ship was on display at the
Spokane Valley Heritage Center

Over the years, this ride was also known as the Flying Airship, Captive Aeroplane, and Something about rockets. The ride remained in Nat Park until 1964, when its long-standing tower was removed from the park.

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